Monday, January 27, 2014

A Trip down the Rhine River, to Munich and the USA

So the Story continues...

Have any of you pups ever been on a Ferris Wheel?. I tell you, that is a trip you soon won't forget. If I hadn't known any better you would think I could fly. First they wouldn't let me on the blasted thing, but Dad persuaded them and off we went. Round and round and round it goes... where it stops nobody knows. Well it stopped, but not on the bottom, right on the highest point. Dad picked me up so I could look out, but I didn't know what to think. Everything was so little below and I could look on top of even the biggest Dog. That is something I could never do before. Boy do they look funny from way up there. On the Humans you could only see the top of their heads, but us 4 leggers you could see the whole body. But what good does that do, when you can't walk up to them and pee on them or at least bark with them.

We finally came back around to the bottom. I must say that this was quite the experience.
One Day Mom and Dad decided to go on a Rhine River cruise. As I liked to travel, din't mind Streetcars, Subways, Trains or other transportation, they thought I'll be OK on a Ship. So off we went on the Rhine. We boarded the Düsseldorf-Bingen Ship. Everybody thought I was just about it and wanted to pet me. I had the time of my life, but what does a pup do when he has to pee? Well they said I could go on the  "Poop deck". I about cracked up when I heard that. But I was good and didn't need to go the whole trip. We went by some Castles on the left and right side of the Rhine, seen Vineyards and would you believe right in the middle of the Rhine there was a tower called the "Mäuse Turm" or Mouse Tower in English. Why in the Sam hill did they put a Mouse tower in the middle of the Rhine with no cats in sight? Who would think of something like that? Come to find out it was quite the story and I put a link on here for you to read all about it.

Our next stop was in Koblenz I got to walk and pee on some old Roman streets. I wonder if they had Westies already. But the smells where something to die for. A street that was over 2000 years old and it smelled like Westie heaven. Mom put a link here for you so you can see what I am talking about.
And here I am on that street

WE went on down the River, past the Lorelei  and back again. Do humans get sea sick? I sure didn't, I guess I am just about the best travel dog around.

Here I am with Mom along the Lorelei..
One Day Mom decided to go visit my Hu-man Grandma in Munich. So off we went by train. It takes about 6 hours to go there and I was in my element. In Germany you have to buy a child's pass for us to go on the train, but then we have the right to sit in our own seat. Let me tell you, I took advantage of that. I made myself nice and comfortable the whole way. WE went to the dining car and I got some free cookies and lots and lots of petting from the other humans.
Oma just loved me to death and I was looking forward to seeing her again. She was one of the first people of Mom's family I had met. In the Apartment house where she lived, stayed a little girl on the first floor. She always wanted to play with me. One day she brought her doll carriage out and I thought she was going to play with her dolls. But no way.... she picked me up, put me in the carriage and proceeded to push me down the street. Doesn't she realize I have 4 paws of my own to motivate? I guess she just wanted to caress me, but I thought she was squeezing me to death. Well here I am in a doll carriage. How embarrassing is that for a macho Westie? I asked Mom not to publish this picture, but just couldn't talk her out of it.

I had lot's of fun in Munich, but never met another Westie there.
The day came when Mom said that we are going to Iowa. I didn't realize what laid before me. I had to go see the Vet-man again for shots, had to get an International certificate, get a traveling bag and get weight and measured to be sure I fit under the seat on the Airplane. Mom packed my favorite toy, a rubber chicken, and put me in the bag. It had rollers on, so I could comfortably mosey down the walkway in the Airport. The bag was zippered up just so much that I could still stick my head out. You should have seen the stares and laughs I got in the Airport. The Stewardesses (I guess you call them Flight attendant's now) all where real sweet and I got lots of treats. Let me tell you, it was crowded  on that plane. I fit right under the seat like I was supposed to and settled down for a long nap. Yes, you heard me right, I sleep in the Airplane. At first I wondered what all the noise and vibration was, but then I just tucked my head in and snoozed. Mom woke me up once to give me a little of her food, but that was all. It is a long way to Chicago, but I made it without having to go pee. 9 hours flying was hard on Mom, but it didn't face me in the least. In Chicago we had to go through an inspection with an Airport Vet, but then on we went to Iowa. Was I in for a surprise. The house there was short, not like the Apartment on the 5th floor in Germany. I could walk in and out and had a big garden to play in. There I met my best friend Buddy. He was a little bigger than I, but not by much. Right from the start he told me who was boss. We chased squirrels in the back yard, went on walks and there I met a horse for the first time.
See you the next time

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  1. Wow, you's had a lot of adventures! I always slept on the airplane too - my momma says she can't, but I always did and never barked even once (which for me are probably a record for quietness, BOL!)